The Impact of a Pandemic on Sales Development – SaaS Sales Development Research Report

Published May 11, 2020

RevOps Squared, in partnership with Tenbound conducted recent research to better understand the impact B2B SaaS Sales Development organizations have experienced.

Insights include:

  1. Sales Development reductions – By company size and ACV
  2. Sales Development concern regarding future reductions
  3. Sales Development segmentation – Inbound vs Outbound
  4. SDR quota and goal modifications due to COVID-19
  5. SDR compensation including Base Salary and VC
  6. SDR VC Components
  7. SDR Activity Level Changes – By Channel
  8. Inbound lead handling changes

Resultant recommendations for SaaS Leaders – especially Sales Development Leaders:

  • Refine the metrics that you measure and reward SDRs. Link every dollar of expense to dollar of pipeline created and Closed-Won ARR
  • Increase the amount of time investment on enablement to ensure SDR has a mastery of new messaging and positioning
  • Evaluate how SDRs are using LinkedIn to ensure high value, personalized messaging is being used
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