RevOps Squared, in partnership with Tenbound conducted recent research to better understand the impact B2B SaaS Sales Development organizations have experienced.
Insights include:

  1. Sales Development reductions – By company size and ACV
  2. Sales Development concern regarding future reductions
  3. Sales Development segmentation – Inbound vs Outbound
  4. SDR quota and goal modifications due to COVID-19
  5. SDR compensation including Base Salary and VC
  6. SDR VC Components
  7. SDR Activity Level Changes – By Channel
  8. Inbound lead handling changes

Resultant recommendations for SaaS Leaders – especially Sales Development Leaders:

  • Refine the metrics that you measure and reward SDRs. Link every dollar of expense to dollar of pipeline created and Closed-Won ARR
  • Increase the amount of time investment on enablement to ensure SDR has a mastery of new messaging and positioning
  • Evaluate how SDRs are using LinkedIn to ensure high value, personalized messaging is being used