Mark Ebert has led Sales teams at some of the fastest growing companies in the world, and is repeating his success now at 6Sense. 

Listen in as he breaks down the leadership lessons and tactics he’s acquired in his rise from Sales Rep to VP of Sales. 

Excellent advice for new and experienced leaders in Sales Development! 

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Notable Quotes: 

            “There’s just so many options for where you can go work now. If you’re not treated well
                        in one place, there’s fifteen other great companies that’ll hire you in a second. So
                        as an employer, you got to be kind of aware of that.”

                                                            – Mark Ebert

“I think it’s ridiculous for companies to think that people know what they want to do in
                        their first year out of college. They often don’t know what they want to do yet,
                        and that’s okay. It’s our job as leaders to help them find what’s best for them.”

                                                            – Mark Ebert           

Brief Summary

             Being in sales development is no easy task. From a sink-or-swim environment to an enablement-focused environment, you pick things up that equip you to better handle your future SDR and BDRs. And that’s exactly what Mark Ebert has done.

Today’s Guest: Mark Ebert

                         Mark Ebert started his sales career in Experian as a sales rep, and from there, he learned a lot of things that helped pave the way to where he is now, valuing the importance of enabling the company’s sales development team as the VP of Sales at 6sense.

The episode touches on the following key topics and ideas: 

  • Tenbound’s Market Map Beta (00:00)
  • David introduces the episode’s guest, Mark Ebert (03:12)
  • Mark Ebert’s sales and sales development journey (04:30)
  • Mark’s Experian experience (05:36)
    • Diving into a sink or swim environment (06:45)
  • The best approach to SDR and BDR programs (07:18)
    • Everyone prospects at 6sense (08:55)
  • The culture change from shut up and dial to enablement (10:34)
  • The multitude of ways that a company can invest in technology (12:58)
  • No distractions in the ninety-minute ‘power hour’ (15:02)
    • The peripherals around the power hour (15:48)
    • Getting the right resources for the right people for efficiency (17:34)
  • When everything’s dialed in but the person just isn’t a right match for the job (19:05)
    • It’s our job as leaders to help them find what’s best for them (21:23)
  • Moving forward with a bit of stoicism and recognizing things within and outside of your control (24:15)
  • Strip everything away and see look for someone who truly cares about the work (25:27)
  • Are great salespeople born or are they made? (26:56)
    • Grit is something that can be learned (27:21)
    • Talent with grit and sound work ethics (28:42)
  • Sit down, do some soul searching, and find your Why (30:02)
  • Write down your goals and find what motivates you (33:30)
  • The importance of learning to manage your time (36:03)
  • The predictive space, time management, and prioritization (39:02)
  • How to get set up, dialed in, and say goodbye to cold calling (42:56)
  • Identifying triggers and signals in David’s use case (44:03)
  • A new generation of sales VPs that understand how much tech there is (46:56)
  • Where to get in touch with Mark and 6sense (49:13)

List of Resources Mentioned in the Episode 

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