In this episode, David interviews Brandon Bornancin, CEO and Founder of Brandon shares how his father’s transition to sales changed their family’s life from being broke to wealthy and how it influenced him to do sales in his own career path. Listen as he talks about the 10x mindset and how this helps him dedicate time, effort, and accountability to everything he does in order to succeed in this field.
3 Key Points:

  1. Look for a leader who will lead and guide you — not a manager who only cares for their own goals.
  2. Work hard but don’t do it unintelligently — work hard and work smart.
  3. Your own personal commitment and accountability are essential in your success.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:01 – Accelerate your growth at The Sales Development Conference on August 31, 2018
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  • 01:33 – David introduces Brandon to the show
  • 02:31 – Brandon is the founder and CEO of
    • Their mission is to empower the world to connect opportunities, help maximize revenue, and increase sales using AI
    • Brandon grew up in a poor family and his parents were barely making it
    • In high school, his father started selling computers at Macy’s
    • CA Technologies hired his father and changed their lives
  • 06:01 – His father preached Brandon how sales can change his life
    • His father went from account executive to vice president
  • 08:33 – Brandon shares how playing online poker opened the doors in sales for him
    • He helped Party Poker generate $1.5M in his first year, $3M in his second, and $6M in his third year
  • 11:30 – When the online gambling market became illegal, the party stopped for Brandon
  • 12:11 – He started a second business, EnMobile
    • He and his co-founders learned the importance of sales because they couldn’t sell the software
    • They had over 50 companies on them and got acquired
    • Brandon moved to New York and opened an office while his co-founder finished his last year in college
    • He then got recruited by a friend at IBM Interactive as a sales director
  • 16:40 – Brandon focused on search marketing and found out he needed to automate most of his tasks
    • He built to help him sell — it was his secret
    • His boss asked him what he does and how he is able to outperform everyone in the team by 5x — he ended up selling to his team
    • When they started crushing their quota, Brandon realized he wants to help everyone through his software
  • 20:44 – “Sales is like being an entrepreneur without having to worry about all the b*lls*t”
  • 22:28 – Brandon tells how his transition was from EnMobile to IBM
    • Sales is the best career in the world for him
    • At IBM, Brandon had all the resources and connections in the world
    • Brandon didn’t like the politics game and the internal selling
  • 28:43 – He had “OK” leadership in IBM but at Fathom Marketing, he had a GREAT leader who mentored him
    • He ended up launching and selling full-time
  • 32:17 – Accelerate your growth at The Sales Development Conference on August 31, 2018
  • 33:43 – Grant Cardone is Brandon’s mentor
    • Brandon shares how learning before doing equips him ahead
    • He read all the sales books and realized that “Sales is a game of chess, sales is a game of Texas Hold ‘Em Poker”
    • Reading Grant’s books and reaching out to him
    • Grant offered Brandon to work for him at
    • Brandon declined and went full time to
  • 40:55 – “Have the 10x mindset”
  • 42:45 – The first 3 years of was “hell” for Brandon
  • 44:21 – Brandon shares more about the 10x mindset
    • Create massive goals
    • Figure out the daily activity that will lead to that goal
  • 48:35 – Brandon’s advice, “Believe in yourself, you can freaking do it!”
  • 50:00 – Hold yourself accountable
  • 51:48 – “Don’t work hard unintelligently. Work hard smart!”
  • 53:43 – Use data to optimize everything you do
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