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SDR Program Playbook Production

Sales Development program success comes down to having the best people, process and technology stack aligned and engaged.

Even with the best people and most up-to-date tech stack, many SDR teams lack a comprehensive overall and scalable process. Without a process, they struggle to set meetings, build pipeline and produce revenue.

Enter the Sales Development Playbook, a central place where strategies, tactics, resources, scripts and templates are compiled and regularly refreshed.

Creating a process can be measured, iterated and improved on a continuous basis.

The benefits of building your Sales Development Playbook include:

  • Ensuring there is a repeatable and scalable Sales Development process in place.
  • Organizing mountains of unstructured data into a comprehensive training and coaching guidebook.
  • Producing an initial version of your overall program that can be implemented, improved, and expanded based on the changing needs of your program.

With constant turnover in the ranks of both Sales Development Reps and Managers, there’s a good chance you don’t have a comprehensive Sales Development Playbook in place, or it’s underutilized and outdated.

Tenbound can help.

Our team of Tenbound Fractional SDR Managers have produced SDR Playbooks for some of the highest performing companies in SaaS, and can do the same for your team.

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