The 35+ Best Sales Training Programs in the World


By category – incl. pricing, duration and more

Joining a sales training program is a smart idea when you’re ready to take your sales to the next level. 📈

We noticed that there aren’t any really great resources out there that showcase a wide range of sales training programs and their details when you Google for this.

So we set out to create this resource for you to feature the top sales training programs out there right now. 🙌

We’ve organized the list by target and/or topic, so you can easily find the right program for your needs:

  1. For sales managers
  2. For sales people in tech
  3. On prospecting, lead generation & phone sales
  4. On remote/virtual selling
  5. On sales methodologies
  6. On sales skills, techniques and mindset
  7. On sales strategy & pipeline
  8. On-the-job sales training

Let’s explore 👇

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3. On prospecting, lead generation & phone sales

Tenbound Sales Dev Manager and SDR Training

Research and Advisory 100% Focused on Sales Development

Tenbound provides virtual training programs designed specifically for both Sales Development Managers and Individual Sales Development Representatives (SDR/BDR/LDR) focused on delivering the skills necessary to do their jobs in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Program details:

  • Company: Tenbound
  • Duration: Initial classes 2 days (via Zoom) plus optional monthly 1:1 coaching
  • Location: Virtual
  • Virtual option: Yes
  • Price: $3600 for initial (in-person or zoom) class up to 8 people, and $875 per person per month for 1:1 coaching. Online, self paced versions: Sales Development Management training $395 per person. SDR training $295 per person.

Costigan Training

Costigan Companies. We do Sales Training “Live.”

The Problem: Sales people are skeptical. They have to see it to believe it. The Solution? Prove it in the real world: real Prospects, real objections, in real time. The Program: People would rather be entertained than educated. If you can do both, you empower them. It’s not just sales training. It’s “Live” sales training.

Program details:

  • Company: Costigan Companies, Inc.
  • Duration: Online up to 12 months
  • Location: Raleigh/Durham NC
  • Virtual option: Yes
  • Price: $1000 to 250,000

Outbound Consult

Ensure you have a successful outbound program

Outbound recommendations after a 2-hour session with Aaron Ross, the author of the book “Predictable Revenue”.

Program details:

  • Company:
  • Duration: 2 hours + follow-up
  • Location: Virtual
  • Virtual option: Yes
  • Price: $3500

The Smart Calling College

The complete phone prospecting and inside sales virtual training program

Join a complete step-by-step training course for professional sales representatives who use the phone as their main method of communication–or for any outside or inside sales pro who prospects for new business–using a conversational, common-sense sales process. Participants go through each step of the call process, learning step-by-step, what-to-say and how-to-say it ideas, strategies, and techniques for initial calls, follow-up calls, account management calls, and more.

Program details:

  • Company: Art Sobczak’s Business By Phone Inc.
  • Duration: 12 modules, 45 videos, nine hours running time.
  • Location: Virtual online video, 24/7 lifetime access.
  • Virtual option: Yes
  • Price: $895 for first participant, $795 each additional

B2B Growth Hacking

More conversations and conversions

In this program we will set up growth hacking systems that will help generate more conversations every week. Once these systems are in place we work on calibrating the sales process (first call, demo, poc, etc.) to have a high conversion rate. We aim to get you a full return on investment within the program.

Program details:

  • Company:
  • Duration: 4 months
  • Location: Online
  • Virtual option: Yes
  • Price: Speak with us

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