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There’s a reason that “breaking into tech” is trending right now. Aside from the flexibility and the growth potential, employees are attracted to high earning potential.

Here we’ll share 20 companies that rank with some of the highest On target earnings (OTE).

In previous years, SDR salaries varied greatly based on location, but because of the pandemic and remote work, we are starting to see a leveling across geographies (location is starting to have less of an impact on salary, data from 2022).

  1. LiveRamp – Base: $55k  OTE: $110k
  2. Quantum Metric – Base: $57k  OTE:$101k
  3. Google Cloud – Base: $70k  OTE:$100k
  4. LogDNA – Base: $63k  OTE:$100k
  5. Sprinklr – Base: $58k  OTE$99k
  6. Aviatrix – Base: $74k  OTE:$97k
  7. Talend – Base: $68k  OTE:$97k
  8. Anaplan – Base: $54k  OTE:$97k
  9. Conexiom – Base: $60k  OTE:$95k
  10. Cockroach Labs – Base: $68k  OTE:$93k
  11. Juniper Square – Base: $66k  OTE: $93k
  12. League – Base: $56k  OTE$93k
  13. Amazon Web Services – Base: $73k  OTE: $92k
  14. Lacework – Base: $68k  OTE: $90k
  15. Attentive – Base $60k  OTE:$90k
  16. Cohesity – Base $60k  OTE$90k
  17. IBM – Base: $63k  OTE:$89k
  18. Airkit – Base: $62k  OTE:$89k
  19. Everlaw – Base: $67k  OTE:$87k
  20. AlphaSense – Base: $61k  OTE:$86k

Notable mentions

  1. MuleSoft  – Base:$52k  OTE:$84k
  2. Zoom – Base:$46k  OTE:$83k
  3. Workday – Base:$54k  OTE:$82k
  4. Google – Base:$55k  OTE: $81k
  5. Okta – Base:$55k  OTE:$80k

This is just a starting point. While the OTE is high, it’s important to check to see what the average total compensation is and what percentage of reps are hitting quota.

To investigate which company is performing well, check out our Free: Job Interview Questions Cheat Sheet for SDRS. This will help you think about some of the top questions that you can ask during an interview.

Note: We’ve sourced this data publicly. This is just a starting point and doesn’t take into account seniority.


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