You’ve invested in a Modern SDR Tech Stack: Now What?

Published October 29, 2020

A great SDR Tech stack is only the beginning!

There’s no question, a sales development team that’s seeking growth needs to have the right tools.

You’ve probably invested in purchasing prospect lists, LinkedIn Sales Navigator and a Sales Engagement platform.

But, even with all the tools at their fingertips, do your SDRs use their time in the most productive way?

Join Jacob Wiggins, Director of Sales at RightBound, and a seasoned SDR leader, and Tenbound CEO David Dulany, to debate the most common ways that your most precious resource, your SDRs, can become more efficient.

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David Dulany is Founder & CEO of Tenbound, a research and advisory firm focused and dedicated 100% on Sales Development. Tenbound has become the hub of the Sales Development industry, with a thriving online research center, market map, tool directory, training and consulting programs and The Tenbound Sales Development Conferences held yearly around the world

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